How To Connect Hp Deskjet 3755 To Wireless Network

How To Connect Hp Deskjet 3755 To Wireless Network

The Hp Deskjet 3755 is a compact and affordable all-in-one printer that comes with wireless connectivity capabilities. It’s a great option for those who need a printing solution at home or in a small office, and it can be easily connected to a wireless network for convenient printing from multiple devices. In this article, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of how to connect the Hp Deskjet 3755 to a wireless network.

Step-by-Step Guide

Before starting, ensure that the printer is turned on and in a ready state. You will also need the following information regarding your wireless network:

– Network name (SSID)
– Network password (WEP/WPA/WPA2)

Now, follow the steps given below to connect your Hp Deskjet 3755 to a wireless network.

Step 1: Enter Printer Control Panel

Press the ‘Wifi’ button on the printer’s control panel. This will open up the wireless settings menu.

Step 2: Choose your Wireless Network

The printer will automatically start searching for available networks. When the search is complete, you will see a list of options on the printer’s display. Select your network name (SSID) from the list.

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Step 3: Enter Wireless Network Password

If you have set a password for your wireless network, enter it carefully when prompted. Use the keypad on the printer’s control panel to enter the password.

Step 4: Confirm Wireless Network Settings

After you have entered the correct password, the printer will show the network settings. Check, if they are correct, then click on ‘OK’ to proceed.

Step 5: Complete the Setup

Once the printer is connected to your wireless network, you will see a confirmation message on the printer’s display. You’re now ready to start printing wirelessly.


1. What if I can’t see my wireless network on the list?

This can happen for various reasons. Try the following troubleshooting tips:

– Make sure that the printer is within range of your wireless network.
– Check if your wireless network is enabled and broadcasting its SSID.
– Verify the network name and password that you entered.

If you still can’t see your wireless network, try resetting your network settings and trying again.

2. Is it possible to connect the printer using a USB cable?

Yes, you can connect the printer using a USB cable if you prefer a wired connection.

3. What if I forget my wireless network password?

If you forget your wireless network password, you can usually find it on your wireless router or in your router’s manual. If you are unable to locate the password, you can reset your network settings and configure your network again.

4. How can I check the wireless network status of my printer?

You can check the wireless network status of your printer by printing a network configuration page. To print a network configuration page, press the ‘Information’ button on your printer’s control panel and select ‘Print Configuration Report’.

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5. Can I connect more than one device to the printer wirelessly?

Yes, once the printer is connected to your wireless network, you can connect multiple devices to it wirelessly. Before connecting, ensure that you have installed the necessary software and drivers on each device.

In conclusion, connecting your Hp Deskjet 3755 printer to a wireless network is a simple and straightforward process. Just follow the steps given above, and you’ll be printing wirelessly in no time. If you encounter any issues, refer to the FAQs section for troubleshooting tips and solutions. Happy printing!

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