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Dwarf Fortress: How to Make Alcohol and FAQs

Dwarf Fortress is a popular simulation game that attracts players who are looking for complexity and depth, as well as those who are fascinated by the game’s unique world-building mechanics. One aspect of Dwarf Fortress that adds to its complexity is the production of alcohol.

In this article, we will explore how to make alcohol in Dwarf Fortress and provide answers to frequently asked questions about the game.

How to Make Alcohol in Dwarf Fortress

Making alcohol in Dwarf Fortress is a vital component of keeping your dwarves happy and productive. It also serves as a trade commodity that can generate profit from visiting caravans.

Here are the steps to making alcohol in Dwarf Fortress:

Step 1: Creating a Farm

Firstly, you should create a farm to grow crops such as plump helmets, strawberries, and Sweet pods. These crops will be used to create alcohol. To create a farm, select an area of land that is not rocky or filled with water. Designate this area as a farm plot by pressing ‘p’ for the list of options, then select the farming option to create your first farm.

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You can also create an underground farm if you prefer, by designating the area with soil with the farming command.

Step 2: Planting Crops

With your farm ready, it’s time to start planting crops. Select the farm plot, and press ‘q’ to see a list of options. Select the ‘farm plot’ option and choose the crops you want to plant.

Once planted, the crops will need to be tended regularly. Use the ‘z’ menu to see the status of your crops and assign dwarves to work on your farm as needed.

It’s also recommended that you create several farms to ensure a steady supply of crops and avoid crop failures.

Step 3: Harvesting Crops

When your crops are fully grown, they are ready to be harvested. Select the farm plot and use the ‘q’ menu to choose the harvest option. Your dwarves will automatically harvest the crops and bring them to your food stockpile.

Step 4: Making Alcohol

Once you have a stockpile of crops, it’s time to turn them into alcohol. To do this, build a Still by selecting ‘b’ to bring up the building menu and choose the ‘Workshops’ option. From there, select the ‘Still’ option to create your first still.

When your still is complete, select it and use the ‘q’ menu to choose the ‘brew’ option. Your dwarves will automatically start the brewing process and will create barrels of alcohol for your dwarves to consume or trade.

Step 5: Storing Alcohol

Once your alcohol is brewed, it’s time to store it. Just like with any other item, create a stockpile for storing alcohol by selecting the ‘p’ command and choosing ‘stocks’ option. In here, you can then create a stockpile for alcohol barrels.

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It’s important to ensure that you have enough barrels to store your alcohol. Over time, you can produce more barrels by using wood or metal.

Alternative Methods of Making Alcohol

Another way to produce alcohol in Dwarf Fortress is to use a process called ‘wild fermentation.’ This method involves leaving crops, like plump helmets, outside in a designated area until they spoil on their own. The spoiled crops will then release yeast, which can be used to create alcohol.

It’s also possible to make mead in Dwarf Fortress. Mead is made using honey, which can be acquired using bees, purchased from caravans, or traded.


1. Can dwarves get addicted to alcohol in Dwarf Fortress?

Yes, your dwarves can get addicted to alcohol. If your dwarves become dependent on alcohol, they will suffer from negative moods and could potentially cause problems in your fortress.

2. What are the benefits of making alcohol in Dwarf Fortress?

Having access to alcohol keeps your dwarves happy and productive, which can ultimately lead to a better-functioning fortress. Additionally, alcohol can be used for trade with outside civilizations and can generate profit for your fortress.

3. Can you ferment other crops besides plump helmets?

Yes, you can also ferment other crops such as strawberries and Sweet pods. These can be grown in your farm plot and harvested for use in brewing alcohol.

4. How do you make mead in Dwarf Fortress?

To make mead in Dwarf Fortress, you will need to acquire honey. Honey can be gathered using beekeeping or bought from caravans or traders. Once you have honey, you can create a fermenting job at the still to make mead.

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5. What are the risks of not having alcohol for your dwarves?

Dwarves who are not able to consume alcohol may suffer from negative moods, which can lead to unrest and potentially threaten the stability of your fortress. Additionally, not having alcohol available can make your fortress less valuable to merchants, which can impact your ability to trade with outside civilizations.

6. How do I ensure that I have enough alcohol barrels?

One way to ensure that you have enough barrels is to create a steady supply of wood or metal for your dwarves to use when creating more barrels. You can also trade with outside civilizations to acquire more barrels.

7. Can alcohol production be automated?

Yes, it is possible to automate alcohol production by designating a number of dwarves to be in charge of brewing and storing alcohol. Additionally, you can use the ‘set job’ command to ensure that a certain number of barrels are produced and stored.

8. How much alcohol should I produce for my dwarves?

The amount of alcohol required depends on the size of your fortress and the number of dwarves you have. A good rule of thumb is to aim for at least two barrels of alcohol per dwarf per season. If you trade a lot with caravans, you might need to produce a bit more alcohol than your dwarves need.

9. Can alcohol be used for anything else besides drinking by dwarves?

In addition to being consumed by dwarves, alcohol can also be used as a trade commodity, generating income for your fortress. Alcohol can be used as a diplomatic gift in order to improve relations with other civilizations.

10. How does alcohol impact the mood of my dwarves?

Dwarves who consume alcohol will generally experience a positive mood boost, which can lead to increased productivity and contentment within your fortress.


Making alcohol in Dwarf Fortress is an important task that requires careful planning and management. From creating a farm to brewing alcohol, the process can be complex and time-consuming, but ultimately vital for the well-being of your fortress.

With the steps outlined in this article and the knowledge gained from the FAQs, you should have a strong understanding of how to make alcohol in Dwarf Fortress and the importance of having it available to your dwarves.

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